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CenterPointe athletes are trained in strength, mobility, power and endurance. Unlike at most gyms, our athletes work under the guidance of skilled trainers. We believe quality coaching in constantly varied functional movement leads to the best results and fewest injuries. Ours is a fitness that allows us to take on the challenges of any workout and everyday life.

At CenterPointe you are more than a number and you will always be asked to work hard. In return, you will be coached in a safe environment where you will learn the fundamentals with proper form while being inspired to move beyond your comfort zone. At CenterPointe you will have an athletic family and build a support system like none other.

Ready to take the first step?

Contact Head Coach May Bend ( for a complimentary One-on-One Session or come to our Introductory Class (offered every Saturday at 1pm).

Kick Start your Training

3 sessions of intensive private training focused on functional movement, strength training, and correction of muscular imbalances.

Intro Training Pack: 2 PT & 1 MAT ($250, value $340),

complimentary Intro to Functional Movement

At CenterPointe, Every Saturday


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  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6am Private Training Raise the Bar Private Training Raise the Bar Private Training  
7am Raise the Bar Kettlebells Raise the Bar Stronger/Faster Raise the Bar  
8am Private Training  
9am Private Training  
9:30am Yoga & Mobility
10am Private Training   Private Training Raise the Bar
11am   Kettlebells Stronger/Faster
12pm   Private Training Private Training
1pm   FREE Intro Class Private Training
5pm Private Training  
6:00pm Raise the Bar Kettlebells Raise the Bar Stronger/Faster Yoga & Mobility  
7:00pm Private Training Raise the Bar Private Training Raise the Bar  

* Starting Pointe will be scheduled based on participants' schedule.

** Open Gym is available to all Level 2 and Private Training members who have trained consistently at CenterPointe for 3+ months.

*** Visit our online schedule to view any updates for this week and to schedule a private training appointment or group class.

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1802 Adams Mill Rd NW B
Washington, DC 20009
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